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From Days Gone By ...

Once upon a time there was a Tempo editor, Art Unger, who sometimes drifted into what may now be called a rant, well perhaps it was a "soft rant". These blurbs were usually short and not-too-sweet. Art provided us with a collection of these tidbits from days gone by allowed us to post them for your reading pleasure. Caution - you may need a dictionary on occasion!Typewriter

For most of the past 25 years this bulletin has brought our avid readers much old news and biased reporting which has been enthusiastically received. Go figure! Views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily held by any other than the writer, but we feel you should be exposed to them anyway. So sit back, hold all calls, read, giggle, and plagiarize if you like. We plan to continue regardless.

Although everything you read in here is biased, it is still mandatory for you to absorb it. For advice on carrying on a normal, modern lifestyle, you will have to go elsewhere, since nothing you will read in these pages will help. That is as it should be! We are the Studebaker Drivers Club and anything that smacks of normal and modern is abhorrent.


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