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Allyn Mills'

1962 Studebaker Lark Daytona62 Daytona

On Labour Day weekend, 1962 I bought a one-way ticket to Toronto in order to buy a new car. I didn't know what make or model - it could have been a Ford convertible for nearly the same price, but I wanted something different. A friend took me to the Stude dealer - Bryant Motors on Pape Avenue. This Daytona was in the window. After about an hour's worth of talk, I purchased it. I never even test drove it! I picked it up at noon the following Wednesday after making arrangements for financing. I drove the Daytona home via Niagara Falls, Detroit, Chicago and Regina in 3 plus days.

I owned the car for several years, and then my Dad drove it until 1970. I knew where it was over the years, then lost track of it. It ended up in the Strathmore, Alberta area in a Quonset for about 20 years. I tracked it down using the Canada 411 computer site. In 2011, after lots of arguing, I "redeemed" her back! I showed the owner that my name was on the manual in the glove box. My niece named her Stella, an acronym for Stude Lark.

I drive around town, to Tim's and get lots of thumbs up, etc.

Specs & Features:Seat

  • Purchase price - $3,400; re-purchase $8,600
  • Original paint (some damage on passenger door)
  • 259 V8
  • Automatic transmission
  • No power steering
  • No power brakes
  • Speedometer, radio, odometer, etc. work
  • Has 93,000 Miles
  • About $11,000 invested



  • New carpet, door panels, upholstery


  • Motor
  • Exhaust system
  • Gas tankExterior
  • Radiator
  • Brakes
  • New whitewall tires - her 50th Birthday gift!

Planned Projects:

  • Replace door rubbers

Allyn is a Federal Government Agriculture Department retiree who lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. He is an ordained pastor, organist and choir director.

This page features our Chapter's members and, more importantly, their cars. The content will change frequently as submissions are received.

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