Chuck & Karen Douglas'
1964 Daytona Wagonaire

Chuck bought the Wagonaire in June, 2005 in Vancouver, Washington. The car, Serial #64V2131, was built in South Bend in August, 1963.

Specs & Features:

  • 289 V8 Studebaker engine delivering 225 Horsepower
  • 4 barrel carb
  • Dual exhaust
  • Flight-o-Matic transmission
  • Spicer Dana 44 3:31 twin-traction rear end
  • Power steering
  • Power disc brakes on the front; 11" drum brakes on the rear
  • Full instrumentation, including clock and AM radio with rear speaker
  • Individual reclining front seats
  • Electric rear tailgate window
  • Forward sliding roof
  • Tailgate step



  • Replaced carpets, wind-lacing and weather stripping
  • Rebuilt and installed head liner
  • Rebuilt roof sliding mechanism and installed new weather stripping
  • Installed after-market period correct radio


  • Replaced tailgate, including weather stripping and window channel
  • Repaired electric rear window switch
  • Removed roof rack, repaired screw-holes and repainted roof
  • Replaced rear bumper
  • Installed American Racing rims


  • Replaced or rebuilt water pump, alternator, carburetor, starter, and power steering pump
  • Installed new Silvertone exhaust system
  • Installed rebuilt transmission
  • Replaced all brakes, rotors, master cylinder and brake booster
  • Replaced water pump after countless hours of trying to solve an overheating problem that turned out to be caused by an incorrect water pump

Planned Projects:

  • Replace seat upholstery and door panels with NOS originals bought from SASCO in South Bend in 2007
  • Replace rear doors with rust-free ones

Karen and I have traveled far and wide in our Wagonaire. It's proved to be very reliable and fun to drive, in spite of the legendary Wagonaire roof leaks! Our major trips include driving from Grande Prairie, Alberta to South Bend, Indiana for the 2007 SDC International Meet and a very pleasant adventure through Oregon for the 2010 Northwest Overdrive. It rained most of the time we were there - we used a large roll of paper towels and half a box of tissue to stay dry inside the car! Our Wagonaire gets many "thumbs-up" as we cruise along. Drop the tailgate, pull down the step, slide the roof open, throw in a few props and we get grins, wows, and many questions. Photo Gallery

Chuck and Karen live at the 108 Mile Ranch, just north of 100 Mile House, B.C. They are both retired and have been Studebaker Drivers Club members since 1995.

Douglas' Wagonaire